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NOTE: If you are a consumer and we are collecting on an account, please note that we are a debt collector and any information that you provide and we obtain will be used for that purpose and that this is an attempt to collect a debt. If you just received a notice from us you have thirty (30) days to dispute the debt if you believe it is not valid. During that first 30 day period we will NOT overshadow your right to dispute that debt nor demand payment. However, we may call and inform you of the debt, answer any questions that you may have about the debt, and you can pay it if you want to if you are not disputing the debt. By choosing a payment option below, you acknowledge that the debt is valid and are able and willing to pay without disputing it. If you dispute the debt or any portion of it, please contact us and let us know why and we will verify the debt and also mark it as disputed.
​Also, you may call us at 813-251-0802 or toll free at 800-741-0802 if you experience any technical difficulties or have any questions. There are no fees to you regardless of the payment method you choose. Payment and address information is on the notice that you received in the mail. To pay on the web (option below) you simply need the account number and the zip code on that notice (in case it is different than your current zip code). You must contact the office for payments less than $25. We appreciate your payment.​
Click on the button below to pay via our web portal. You will be prompted to enter some information. Note that, at this time, we can’t process HSA nor ACH (checking account) payment via the web. For HSA and ACH payments, please call us and an agent will assist in completing the transaction for you. If you want to use a check you can also mail it in to the address below.
Note: You WILL BE redirected away from this site to a secured payment site beginning with “Https:” Do not click on the PAY ON THE WEB button below if you do not agree to these terms or have any questions.


payment portal link


​You may also mail your payment to:

Preferred CMS
8875 Hidden River Pkwy Suite 100
Tampa, FL 33637


© Copyright Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you have a debt with our agency then this is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. We are a debt collection agency.