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If your call, letter, SMS, or email came from Preferred CMS and not Preferred Solutions, please note that this is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained may be used for that purpose. This website is that of a debt collector.

NOTE: If you are a consumer or business and received a letter or call from us then we are collecting on an account sent to collections by our client which would be listed in the letter we sent you. If you did not receive a letter please contact us using the form below or the other methods listed on this page. By providing your cell phone number or email address, you expressly permit us to contact you in that manner including using an automated telephone dialing system, a voicemail drop, SMS and/or MMS message, and that the cell phone or email provided is your own. By nature of sending email through the internet, you acknowledge that this and any future transmittal is a communication which “could” result in a third party disclosure because of how data travels through various servers and computers (via the “internet”). By using this method and requesting a reply or information back, you acknowledge that the same risk applies to any email sent back to you with any requested information. You acknowledge that the contact information you provide applies to you only, or a patient or consumer of which you are the listed guarantor of the account(s) in collections, and accept the risk of a third party disclosure of information regarding a debt should you “share” or allow others access to your email, cell phone and/or voice mail system or answering device.
For any inquiries, questions or any special needs like needing to give us insurance information, dispute the account, provide attorney information, or other situations please call:

For Preferred Solutions
Please call: (813) 471-1253 or toll free at (844) 760-1835. You can also email us at or chat online using the chat button.

For Preferred CMS
Please call: (813) 251-0802 or toll free at (800) 741-0802 or email

Our office hours are:
Monday -Thursday 8am – 5pm (EST)
Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm (EST)

You may also fill out the following form below and a member from our support department will contact you. If for any reason you get an error on the form below, please EMAIL Thanks!!!


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